Container Pools

Shipping container pools are such an awesome idea!  They can be above ground or buried.  They can have windows in the sides, they can have a regular cover, they can be used for lap pools or a Koi Pond!.  The possibilities are endless.

We are manufacturing container pools to be sold worldwide.  If you are wanting one for personal use or if you are looking to add value to your existing rental property, these can fit your budget, and space.  

They are typically 20ft or 40ft in length, 8ft wide and up to 9ft deep.  We can customize these options as well.  Take a look at the pricing sheet below, and let us know when you’d like to get started!  Delivery is typically 4 months from the time the deposit is taken.

Container Pool World Pricing Fall2019.jpg

Container Pool World Pricing Fall2019

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