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Floor Plans

We have new floor plans available. Email info@prouduct.com for more information and pricing TheCaffreyNP TheClayNP TheRaleighNP

Turkey Noodle Soup

A favorite way to use leftover turkey is to create turkey soup. So simple and so delicious! **Start by making a stock from the turkey bones. Take the turkey carcass with leftover turkey meat along with onion, celery, a bit of garlic & herbs….

Finished Home!

This is a 40ft x 8ft x 9.5ft High Cube container home.  This was built with a brand new container.  We don’t use refurbished containers because we don’t know exactly what’s been shipped in the container previously, and we don’t want to take the…

Construction Phase 2

Once the home was roughed in for plumbing and electrical, we added the insulation.  The hard part with a spray in foam and metal studs is that the studs can become bowed and uneven for placing MDF or shiplap on the walls and ceilings. …

Construction Phase 1

The beginning of this process starts out with a 40ft High Cube shipping container that has been manufactures specifically to be a home.  This isn’t made from a recycled container.  There are two main reasons for not using a recycled container.  1. I don’t trust…