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Perk Drinks

This has nothing to do with Tiny Homes but I wanted to share Perk, my favorite drink and it makes the best gift.  They now have holiday flavors as well!  I drink the Energy in the morning and the Chill in the evening! Perk…

Turkey Noodle Soup

A favorite way to use leftover turkey is to create turkey soup. So simple and so delicious! **Start by making a stock from the turkey bones. Take the turkey carcass with leftover turkey meat along with onion, celery, a bit of garlic & herbs….

Smoked Pecan Pie

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I’m sharing with you a treasured family recipe from This, That & the Other for pecan pie! Whether you are in a tiny home or not, oven space is prime real estate around the holidays. The solution: a smoker! We…