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Floor Plans

We have new floor plans available. Email info@prouduct.com for more information and pricing TheCaffreyNP TheClayNP TheRaleighNP

Finished Home!

This is a 40ft x 8ft x 9.5ft High Cube container home.  This was built with a brand new container.  We don’t use refurbished containers because we don’t know exactly what’s been shipped in the container previously, and we don’t want to take the… Continue Reading “Finished Home!”


As part of our family Christmas vacation, we headed to Joshua Tree, California.  This place is top on our list of favorite places we have stayed.  The star-gazing view wasmy favorite part.  No detail was left unnoticed.  From the water bottles to the grip… Continue Reading “Folly”

15th Anniversary Getaway

We celebrated 15 years together this past week.  It was fun remembering all that had happened.  We met in Provo, Utah while I was working at a children’s photography studio.  I worked with Brian’s cousin.  She introduced us.  I won’t go through all the… Continue Reading “15th Anniversary Getaway”


This home by Tiny House Baluchon was delivered to the French countryside.  The countertop workspace below the triple window gives a very open feel yet cozy with the wood burning fire place.  This design is very functional for both working and family life. Measuring… Continue Reading “Intrepide”