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Construction Phase 2

Once the home was roughed in for plumbing and electrical, we added the insulation.  The hard part with a spray in foam and metal studs is that the studs can become bowed and uneven for placing MDF or shiplap on the walls and ceilings. … Continue Reading “Construction Phase 2”

15th Anniversary Getaway

We celebrated 15 years together this past week.  It was fun remembering all that had happened.  We met in Provo, Utah while I was working at a children’s photography studio.  I worked with Brian’s cousin.  She introduced us.  I won’t go through all the… Continue Reading “15th Anniversary Getaway”

Fresno Home Show

Don’t forget about the upcoming Tiny House Show.  Click here for more information.

BIG MASS Tiny House Festival

Tiny Houses are about to land on Plymouth Rock! The 4th Annual BIG MASS Tiny House Festival is COMING! The United Tiny House Association (UTHA), organizer of the World’s three LARGEST Tiny House Festivals on RECORD, and Miranda’s Hearth, organizer of the first three annual Big Tiny House Festivals… Continue Reading “BIG MASS Tiny House Festival”

Decatur Tiny House Festival

Don’t forget to check out the 3rd Annual Decatur Tiny House Festival on September 29 & 30.  In addition to 20+ real tiny houses/structures to explore, the festival includes areas for kids and travelers, short speeches from design and micro living experts, and a… Continue Reading “Decatur Tiny House Festival”