Construction Phase 1

The beginning of this process starts out with a 40ft High Cube shipping container that has been manufactures specifically to be a home.  This isn’t made from a recycled container.  There are two main reasons for not using a recycled container.  1. I don’t trust the manifest of what’s been shipped in the container, or how many times the container has actually been shipped.  2. If the container was still in good enough condition to be used for shipping, why is it being sold and discarded?  Why would I want to live in a container that isn’t even good enough to be used for shipping anymore?

The container is manufactured and put together with the specific floor plan in mind.  That means that the door and windows aren’t cut out, but instead they are framed in with tubular steel.  Imagine a home being framed, but with steel, instead of wood.  This ensures that there isn’t any structural integrity lost when you add 9 or 10 windows and a french door.
These pictures show that we use steel studs and a closed cell spray foam for insulation.  We have R-values of 19 in the walls and 35 in the floors and ceilings.

We’ll have more on the construction of the home in the next post!!

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