Welcome to Miami

Cold months in Utah seem to last way too long.  We decided that around every February or March we need to plan to leave and go somewhere warm.  This last minute trip was planned 5 weeks before.  We had talked about going somewhere and then because of schedules we ended up having to go sooner than later.  Originally we had planned the Dominica Republic or a couple other places that seemed super exotic but we ended up going to Miami, Florida because some people in our group did not have passports.  Not a problem.  We had never been there and it was warm.  The only things on the list that we needed.

With no schedule before because we wanted to just fly by the seat of our pants, we ended up having a beach day, parasailing, going to a Miami Heat game, beating the top score for escape rooms (could have done more with the fact that we were actually sober compared to most people in Miami vacationing), and Everglade tour, vision Little Havana and eating some of the best food we have ever had.  If Miami knows how to do anything right, it is provide good food.  We could not have had better company.  Our friends that live in New Jersey and Texas met us there and we loved having kidless time all together catching up.

We have never had a vacation where we had absolutely nothing planned.  This free feeling and life is definitely something we could get used to.

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