Energizer Generator

This generator is one of the quietest 2,000W units on the market making it perfect for a tiny home, RV, Skoolie or even camping.

The eZV3200P has a really handy remote start and automatic choke feature that lets you get you’re 13,000 BTU A/C and appliances going in the morning without stepping outside.

Together, the eZV2000P and eZV3200P are part of a versatile system that allows these two units, when using the parallel kit, to produce 5200W Peak and 4400W running, which can easily run a 15,000 BTU A/C or other appliances like a small washer/dryer, heater, microwave etc. Instead of one giant generator that’s really tough to tuck away after use, these units can be separated and stored in small spaces. The eZV3000P has a 23” x 17” footprint while the eZV2000P has a 20” x 10” footprint.

Get yours on Amazon here.

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