Bed Jet

We received our BedJet a couple of weeks ago and we have slept better than we have in a long time.  Full disclosure…..I (Laura) am a bed sweater.  It is better than a bed wetter.  I also get very cold.  Especially in the winter.  This has been the best thing.  I push the turbo button before getting into bed and get it all warm.  The best thing is I can have the warm sheets but I don’t sweat!  Because there is a constant flow of air it solves that problem.  Also, because Brian sleeps with a ceiling fan and another fan pointing to him from the nightstand regardless of how cold it is, I get to stay warm while he gets to set his side to cool.  It is perfect for us.

We love how convenient this is for a tiny home.  Heating and cooling can sometimes be tricky in some of these homes.  People don’t realize until after that maybe it gets too hot or too cold at night.  This is a great solution without having to get an entire new heating unit for your home.

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