15th Anniversary Getaway

We celebrated 15 years together this past week.  It was fun remembering all that had happened.  We met in Provo, Utah while I was working at a children’s photography studio.  I worked with Brian’s cousin.  She introduced us.  I won’t go through all the details of how we met but it involved Brian and two of his roommates coming in and getting pictures together.  Our printer was down that day so his cousin offered to bring the pictures to his apartment after work that evening.  She had me come along.  It was not a set up.  The reason she asked them to come in was so I could get practice taking pictures on a group of adults.  That usually does not happen in a children’s photography studio.  Being the cocky boys that they were, they of course thought we were making up the printer thing just so we could come to their apartment.  There were a couple of weird weeks of dumb prank calls from Brian’s roommate to my phone.  Then Brian asked me out on a date.  The rest is history.  From the time we met until our wedding day was 5 months.  That was so fast!! To top it off, I had never met Brian’s Father because his parents lived in Chile at the time serving a mission.  I had spent a total of half a day with his Mother 2 weeks before we got married when she was in town for his sister’s wedding.  So needless to say, we spend our honeymoon in Chile at his parents house.

This life we have together is nothing we would have ever imagined.  We are not where we thought we would be.  We defiantly didn’t think we would have teenagers right now.  Our life is so much better than we had imagined.  Totally different but better.  We REALLY did not think we would be promoting Tiny Homes or traveling around the country visiting different ones or having a business building them.  We had never even heard of Tiny Homes until several years ago!  It is crazy where life takes us.

Fire Side Resort was generous enough to invite us back to stay.  With our anniversary in December and also just a few days before one of our children’s birthdays we don’t like to take off on our actual anniversary.  I also do not like leaving my children during the holiday season.  I just love doing all the holiday stuff with them way too much!!

We had so much fun for a few days and it was the perfect start to the season.  Beautiful white scenery, snowmobiling (thanks to Scenic Safari), late night campfires roasting marshmallows, reading books by the fireplace in the early morning while sipping hot chocolate….the list goes on.  If you have never been to Jackson Hole, I would recommend going in winter.  It is straight out of a cheesy Hallmark Movie.  We loved walking the streets and going into all the shops and seeing all the lights.  We drove around taking pictures of the Tetons and animals.  Sadly the parks did not open until the following weekend but we loved out little getaway so much anyway.


48407205_325596598292950_7219824609938374656_n48957935_262399701105123_1482515920512352256_n753A0559753A0565753A0308753A0212-2753A0467As a side note, I was given some cute althelic clothing for my birthday 2 weeks previous.  I loved it. I wore it the entire trip.  Go check it out here!! By far the most comfortable clothing.  I especially love the workout pants because they have a pocket for my phone!!

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