Sedona, Arizona

This trip that I took with the kids happened in 2015.  Do you know what the biggest difference is between then and now?  Brian can come with me now.  We both love to travel but it was not an option for us to travel together.  We just couldn’t afford for Brian to miss work and come with us.  So I often went places with the kids on my own.  Sometimes other family would come with me.  I absolutely love the freedom we have now! This year alone we have been able to travel together as a family on 7 different occasions! What?  That was unheard of before.  This is what the Tiny House Movement is to me. More freedom. More time doing what we want to do.

On a side note since you now need to know.  Sedona is the most amazing place.  I am a Disney fan.  I love Disneyland.  So much that when my oldest 2 children were little I had season passes even though we lived in Utah.  We would travel to California a couple times a year to go (without Brian).  Luckily we also had family to stay with so it did make the trip relatively cheap since one of the boys was also free. Anyway, did you know that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was based off of this place called Sedona?  Walt Disney also loved Sedona and made a ride to mimic one of his favorite places.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that it is one of my favorite rides.
Sedona is a place that you could stay all day and just enjoy the natural beauty.  The kids love the slide rocks.  They spent hours sliding down these red rocks over and over again.  I spent a lot of time walking  falling on the rocks.  We could hike for days here and never do the same hike.  The red rocks are incredible.  We have since been back 2 more times as my children love playing on the natural water slides.  It is 100% worth the 9 hour drive it takes me to get there.

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