Zion’s National Park

Unlimited beauty and hikes are all over Zion’s. In 3 days we hiked as a family over 20 miles. Brian & Peyton hiked the subway totaling 13 miles round trip in just one day.  Not bad as Peyton was only 10 years old. We were able to do horse back riding, ziplining, swimming in rivers, along with riding ATV’s and exploring our surroundings.  We did a lot of star gazing at night.  With all the different activities we participated in, our kids favorite thing was still the hiking and being able to discover different insects, feed squirrels, and run free.  It seems so often we try creating activities to entertain our kids and make sure they are having a good time when all the really need is the freedom to discover and be disconnected from the rest of the world. IMG_0501IMG_0506IMG_0510IMG_0528IMG_0617IMG_06272017-04-22 13.09.302017-04-22 13.10.402017-04-22 13.12.232017-04-22 13.12.292017-04-22 13.38.322017-04-22 13.41.282017-04-22 13.55.452017-04-22 13.58.082017-04-22 14.24.092017-04-23 12.53.55

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