We love to travel together.  Have we mentioned that?  The most amazing vacation that we have ever gone on included Petra.  Click on that link to get more details.  Once one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  Absolutely amazing.  We went with a tour group and had to really do this quick.  Someday I plan on going back and spending days there!  We hiked to the Monastery and back in just a few hours.  It was over 900 steps from the bottom to get to the top of the treasury.  By steps I mean carved steps into the mountains that were very steep.  There were plenty of vendors hustling cheering us on.  You could opt out of walking and have a donkey take you to the top for a fee.  We didn’t do it but it was so worth watching Brian’s sister.  It was almost more work to hold onto a donkey going up a steep cliff than actually walking.

At the bottom we had some camels waiting for us to take us back to the entrance.  So much fun and and also a little scary as camels are some of the dumbest animals I have ever come in contact with.

A fun little fact…..Indiana Jones was filmed in this location.  A family favorite growing up.

There are so many amazing photos I could post but you should really go check out the link above.  I will post more later on this vacation.  We spent 10 days traveling through Jordan and Israel.  I piece of my heart was left there when we left.  Seriously the most amazing vacation ever.  Or at least up until this point!

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