A few of my favorite Tiny House Kitchens

  1. My favorite Tiny House kitchen that I have seen comes from 100 days of real food.  One of the reasons I love the set up is because it definantly does not look tiny.  For the person that loves to cook, this is the perfect set up.  It has more room than the first 3 places we lived in as newly weds.  With the full refrigerator (which is a must for me) and all the counter space.  I could even have my kids in here helping without feeling crowded.  I love the colors with the bright whites and the accents of gold.  I go heart eyes for this kitchen. THOW-1-2-800x600
  2. Who loves a sleek kitchen raise your hand.  Look how amazing this kitchen from Tiny House Town.   Once again you have full appliances.  I do love the use of the space above that counters to make the kitchen more open.  The natural wood shelving looks so beautiful with the sleek cabinets.  The full tile wall was a great option instead of the usual shiplap.  Again there is plenty of counter space even with all the appliances they have.  freedom-minimalist-house-3
  3. Kitchen table that gets put away??? This slide out table is a great way to save space while still having the option to have that family meal.  See more pictures of this home at Besides Room.52-Tiny-House-Kitchen-Makeover-Design-Ideas
  4. SO MUCH STORAGE!!!  This home that was featured on HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living has maximized their small space so beautifully.  Is beautifully a word??  With the full cooktop and fridge you will have no problem cooking what you need in this home.  The sink is so big you can just keep cooking while you stash all your dirty dishes.  alpha-tiny-house-8

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