BIG MASS Tiny House Festival

Tiny Houses are about to land on Plymouth Rock!

The 4th Annual BIG MASS Tiny House Festival is COMING!

The United Tiny House Association (UTHA), organizer of the World’s three LARGEST Tiny House Festivals on RECORD, and Miranda’s Hearth, organizer of the first three annual Big Tiny House Festivals in Massachusetts, are EXCITED to be teaming up to bring the 4th Annual BIG MASS Tiny House Festival!

As like all past UTHA events, the 4th Annual BIG MASS Tiny House Festival will offer a LARGE assortment of tiny houses and micro homes, work shops, presentations, LOTS of vendors, entertainment (live music, fire performers & more), and children’s activities… PLUS an emphasis on artisans and the arts!ma-2018-tiny-house-festivalsmallpng.png


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