Kitchen Must Haves

Let’s be honest.  How much do we really NEED in our kitchen.  At one point I counted my kitchen knives.  I had 37 kitchen knives.  How many of those did I use? My favorite 3. .  So where else can we cut back?  What do we really need?  These are my kitchen must haves!!  I will also put links to a few things just so you can see.

Instant Pot Get rid of your crock pot, rice cooker and steamer.  I use this baby almost every day.  No exaggeration it has changed my life! Mostly because I always have good intentions to get dinner done on time and rarely do.  I get busy.  With this golden child I can have a roast done for my family in 40 minutes.  If I want potatoes as well, no problem, just stick them in and add another 5 minutes.  If you haven’t used one…do.  I was so scared at first.  I really was nervous about it.  Also there is a sauté button.  So many recipes I had used said to sauté my onions, or brown my roast on each side.  What???  And dirty another pan before putting it in the crock pot.  No way.  The reason I am using the crock pot is because I am lazy  I wanted to simplify.  Now I can sound fancy when I cook.  I can sauté and still only dirty one item.

Over the sink cutting board  I don’t have this exact one but something similar.  You can find a number of these either in plastic or wood.  It provides more counter space and let’s be honest.  It is just functional.  That is it.  No big testimony on it.  It’s great but it isn’t an instapot.

Collapsible measuring cups and spoons  This provides more space in those drawers. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am trying to open a drawer and a measuring cup gets caught because my kids have “helped” me put dishes away.  Love those kids.  That is no longer a problem.  These cups double for therapy for me.  For whatever reason I love to open and close them.  So when those sweet kids are helping with other stuff, I can pull these out and open and close. Open and close.

Magnetic Spice Containers.  Again there are a number to choose from. I just love the shape of these.  You can hang these on your refrigerator or inside your cabinet.  I have seen people put them on a wall space as well.

A few other items that are basic and self-explanatory (not that the other ones weren’t….I’m sure you are all smart people).

  • Good set of pots and pans.  I have my basic set of 3 pots and 3 pans.
  • Cast iron skillet.
  • Kitchen shears
  • Basic cooking utensils (spatula, whisk, tongs, vegetable peeler, and mixing spoons)
  • Hand mixer
  • Small baking sheet (or regular if you have a regular sized oven)
  • Cooling rack
  • Strainer (you could also use a collapsable strainer to provide more space)
  • Cheese grater (remember the zester)
  • Can opener
  • Blender-I have to have my blender for smoothies
  • Casserole dish
  • Coffee or tea-pot
  • 3-5 good knives.  Definitely not 37 of them.
  • 1 set of good white dishes (these can be used for any holiday)
  • Mixing bowls that can double as serving bowls

Of course there may be some other items that you MUST have but these are mine.  If you are a big baker you may want a pie plate and muffin tin.  Some would still want a toaster or waffle iron.  I personally would rather toast my bread on a skillet.  It taste so much better.  Anything that serves only 1 purpose can be eliminated.  Get rid of anything holiday themed.  Hey, I love a good holiday as much as the next person.  My husband goes crazy because I celebrate nearly EVERY holiday!  But a simple set of white dishes can be used for everything.  More posts to come on that!!

Feel free to tell my your must have items!  I would love to hear from you!!

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