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MS_Laura_Hawkins_mini_5Welcome to our family!  We are Brian and Laura Hawkins and these are our children.  Braxton, Peyton, Chanel and Noah.  You can read further to get to know us or just click to a new post!

Brian has been in sales most of our married life.  He took over sales and marketing for a tiny house company which led us to this.  He loves being outdoors, sports, traveling and anything with his wife.  The chances of him reading the bio she wrote about him are slim so really she can insert anything she needs here.

Laura has been a stay at home mom for our entire married life.  She did start a photography business when Braxton was 1 year old and grew it from there.  The 4 kids have kept her busy as she gets them to their multiple activities. She loves photography (obviously), holidays, spending time with family and friends, reading (when she can stay awake-she is a tired mom), and basically anything sarcastic.  Like really sarcastic!  

MS_Laura_Hawkins_mini_57Braxton is the oldest of our family and the most calm of the bunch.  He loves science, Pokemon, swimming, anything that has to do with animals and collects robots of all shapes and sizes.  He has recently joined the tennis team at his school.  He plays the guitar and loves reading. He wants to be a veterinarian and/or explorer when he gets older.

MS_Laura_Hawkins_mini_56Peyton is our sports enthusiast.  He plays basketball, soccer, football and all things friends.  He will join any after school activity that he can.  He also plays the guitar and participates in Knowledge Bowl, Battle of the Books, Ballroom dance and Choir.  He is working hard to hopefully become an NBA player.

MS_Laura_Hawkins_mini_21Chanel is our princess.  All things girl with a side of sports.  She loves dancing, singing, acting and anything that can get the spotlight on her.  She loves glitter and gold.  She also loves playing sports.  She plays soccer and basketball and can bat both left and right handed for softball.  She is learning how to play the piano and enjoys making up her own songs.

MS_Laura_Hawkins_mini_50Noah. Our baby.  The ruler of the family.  Anything super hero and cars.  Trucks and trains. Police and fireman.  All things boy.  He loves riding his bike by himself and as a family.  He will do anything that involves dirt and donuts.

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